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The Seniors Resource Council of Alberta (SRCA) is a non-profit organization offering senior friendly products and services dedicated to improving the quality of life for seniors in Alberta.  The Council oversees an elite group of highly credible businesses and Not-For-Profit organizations, which focus on offering products and services for seniors and their families.  One of the Seniors Resource Council of Alberta’s primary initiatives is to act as a resource to keep seniors informed of services that contribute to their well-being and independence.  We are directed by the knowledge and expertise of our Business, Not-for-Profit and our Senior members to ensure we have the resources to provide products and services needed by the community we serve.

Vision – Mission – Values


No Albertan fears Aging


To provide resources, expertise and leadership to Alberta’s seniors the offering of outstanding services to Seniors and/or referring them to credible providers of such services and through vetting of SRCA providers and outside references, to assure quality and the protection for Alberta seniors.


The Values of the SRCA impacts through its members are those values practice and honoured by the organization and upheld by each member in the provision of services or assistance to Seniors. These values include (but are not limited to)

Trust – We will install a sense of trust in every senior we serve through its members’ commitment to help, professionalism and caring.

Safety – SRCA members will be vetted by their peers trained to ensure seniors receive services that advance their quality of life, not endanger it.

Reliability – SRCA will ensure that its members provide reliable consistent service by its members or find such quality service to meet the needs of all those who ask.

Consistency – All SRCA members will be making regular monthly commitments to the improvement of SRCA member services, both individually and collectively. The onus is not on how ‘many’ seniors we serve but on how well we serve them.

Diversity – SRCA ensures that all its members truly respect and honour seniors representing all ethnicities, cultures, religions and origins. We will not tolerate discrimination or bias of any kind in the provision of member services or from those we recommend.

Collaboration – We will actively seek out other providers of seniors services, mentors, sponsor, philanthropic and social service organizations with which to partner int he provision of the unique community aid.

Inclusion – In some cases people seeking help will be referred to other professionals or organization to meet specific needs However in some cases more than one type of assistance may be necessary. SRCA will ‘quarterback’ and balance all assistance to Alberta seniors. There will always be the appropriate amount of leadership offered by our people and by SRCA itself.

Board of Directors

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Donna Gee


Donna Gee has been a registered nurse and has dealt with seniors as a nurse and a lawyer for over 25 years and is passionate about seniors and seniors’ issues. She has served on the Canadian Bar Association Elder Law Section for Southern Alberta as co-chair; National Past President of the National Elder Law Section and has been Past Treasurer of the Kerby Centre. Donna is also founder and Managing Partner of Paramount Law LLP, a community-based boutique civil litigation law firm.

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Cher Bongiovanni


Cher has been a contract procurement specialist for 12 years in Energy. She has successfully negotiated countless contracts in industries ranging from Health and Wellness to Oil and Gas infrastructure. Cher‘s extensive experience in business, supply chain and major project construction cases afforded her the opportunity to investigate claims and counterclaims worth millions of dollars.  In 2020 she joined the Negotiators, as a mediator and as a governance and protocol expert. Her leadership, guidance and her energetic approach help bring people together to resolve even the most difficult conflicts. She works passionately to resolve each case in a timely manner and specialises in high-conflict civil disputes. 


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Christian Fruhen


Christian Fruhen developed a passion for technology at a young age. He discovered there were large gaps in tech services, especially for older adults and seniors. Christian’s focus has always been on providing exceptional technology services, both in-home and on-site. And with a specific mission to reach countless people who are struggling with various computer and technology problems. Over a decade ago, Christian began to specialize and tailor his services to older adults and seniors to make sure no one was left behind in today’s fast-paced digital world.

Pete Desrochers

Director Membership

Pete has had a distinguished career as a dispute resolution practitioner. He is well known for resolving Elder Care and Elder Abuse issues, as well as Wills & Estates disputes. Pete shares with other outstanding SRCA members the strong desire to ensure Seniors have access to the resources, information and support they need. His compassion and empathy for clients is well recognized; and he is dedicated to fairness, confidentiality and professionalism.

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Chuck Terlesky

Director Social Events

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